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Contact Your Primary Veterinarian for:

  • Financial estimates

  • Scheduling of any kind

  • Medication questions or refills

  • Medical concerns

  • Post-anesthesia concern with bowel movements, urination, or behavior 

  • Obtaining an appropriate E-collar/cone

Contact Dr. Lynch or his nurse for:

  • Virtual rechecks every two weeks

  • Incision healing or concerns

  • Mobility/surgical limb use during your pet’s recovery period


  • Your pet's name

  • Your pet's surgery date and procedure performed

  • Any applicable photos/videos

  • Detailed progress update (see pet owner resources)

  • The hospital that your pet's procedure was performed at

  • Confirmation that you have reviewed ALL pet owner resources to help answer any questions you may have

IMPORTANT - Include your hospital in this email

  • See the above list of hospital contacts if you do not know your hospitals email address

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