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Get an E-collar - AKA The Cone of Shame

E-collars are imperative for your pet’s recovery

Until the incision has healed, your pet should wear an e-collar at all times. Your pet will inevitably try to lick or chew at its incision because it is itchy. An e-collar will help prevent this, but your pet still needs to be watched with a close eye.


Your pet's E-collar/cone comes off, only when the incision has healed and your veterinarian says it can come off. 


Your primary goal during the first two weeks is to ensure that your pet cannot interfere with its incision in any way. 

Your pet's incision healing is the most important thing and until it is fully healed, it requires your undivided attention. 


You must watch them to make sure that they cannot get around the cone (yes, sometimes your veterinarian/nurse may send your pet home with too small of a collar), cannot use the edge of the cone to scratch at the incision, cannot kick the cone off, or simply interfere with the incision in ANY manner. We will not be able to progress to the next step in our recovery, which is our at-home walking program until the incision heals. Do not let the incision become a setback for you and your pet at such an early stage. 

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