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Your pet's incision - Part 4
catheter bandaide.png

Important: Sometimes your pet will have a “band-aid” placed during their stay in the hospital.  

  • One such band-aid may be a white adhesive type over your pet’s incision and is placed to protect the incision while in the hospital environment (see top picture). This band-aid usually falls off in the first two days. If it is still in place three days after surgery, then you should remove it gently. Getting it damp with a washcloth soaked in warm water will help loosen the adhesive backing prior to removal.  If the bandage is difficult to remove, then you may use a bandage remover spray such as "Band-off" (

  • Another type of band-aid may be from your pet’s catheter and essentially looks like a bracelet/wrist wrap (see bottom picture). This second type should be removed on the night of surgery once you are back home if it is still present. If you have ANY questions, then please take a picture and send it to your primary veterinarian. 

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