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Surgery Day - Example Timeline
This is an example timeline - Your hospital's protocol may differ

Contact your hospital if you have any questions

7 AM - 8 AM - Drop off Your Pet 

Meet with your nurse, sign consent form, confirm yourpet has fasted and confirm limb to be operated on.

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8 AM - 9 AM - Physical Exam

Your pet will have a full physical exam, followed by anesthetic protocol prep and IV catheter placement.

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9 AM - 3 PM - Surgery Start

There are several surgeries each day. Your surgeon will contact you at the end of the day with an update.

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4 PM - 8 PM - Pet Discharged

Your nurse will review discharge instructions, medications and final bill. Be sure to schedule your follow-up x-rays at this time. 

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6 AM - Morning After Surgery

Getting into a routine - Get your pet onto a reasonable time schedule for their medications that fits your day. Make sure your pet rests and that you monitor their incision closely.

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Call your hospital if you have any questions/concerns 
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