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Prepare Your Home

A few simple tips to prepare your home before your pet’s surgery

1. Create a safe zone for your pet to recover in.

Use a common space so your pet doesn’t feel secluded or like they are being punished. Ensure your pet has a comfortable, flat, non-slip surface, without any furniture to jump on.

2. Cover slippery surfaces.

Ensure your pet always has traction by covering any slippery surfaces like hardwood or tile floor. Lay down area rugs or yoga mats along any path your pet might use frequently.

3. Get a harness or sling.

Your pet may need help getting up for short walks in the week after surgery. While a blanket or towel may be suitable to support your pet, use of a harness is highly recommended.

4. Block stairs whenever possible.

Using stairs could increase the risk for a fall injury or overuse. All activity should be performed on flat surfaces at a slow, controlled, walking pace, on a non-slip surface.

5. Hang signs to avoid knocking or doorbells.

Create notifications at entry points to alert guests or visitors that they should not knock or ring the doorbell. This will help avoid your pet springing into action and risking injury or setback.

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