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Genuine Commitment to You and Your Pet.

Welcome Pet Owner


Educate. Prepare. Recover.

Successful recovery from orthopedic surgery requires a team effort, and you as the pet owner have the most important and difficult role on this team. From the day that you bring your pet home after surgery, to graduation day when they have their final check-up, this is all new to you and can all be very overwhelming, please follow the steps below to help assist you through this process.

How Does it Work?

Dr. Lynch is a specialty surgeon that your primary veterinarian and hospital may hire to expand the services available to you and your pet in the comfort of your home hospital.

Preparation For Your Scheduled Surgery

Read through the Resources provided to prepare for your pet's surgery.

Postoperative Check-in

Pet owners are encouraged to send photos, videos, and updates of your pet's progress, and incision update every two weeks post-surgery.

New Patient Consultations

Read through the Resources provided, then contact your veterinarian to schedule a phone consult with Dr. Lynch.

Contact Your Primary Veterinarian for:

  • Financial estimates

  • Scheduling of any kind

  • Medication questions or refills

  • Medical concerns

  • Post-anesthesia concern with bowel movements, urination, or behavior 

  • Obtaining an appropriate E-collar/cone

Contact Dr. Lynch or his Nurse for:

  • Virtual rechecks every two weeks

  • Incision healing or concerns

  • Mobility/surgical limb use during your pet’s recovery period

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