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How to use Dr. Lynch's Services



General Follow-Up: Your hospital will have their own specific recheck timeline and you should contact them directly to clarify any questions that you have. These may include: 

  • Bandages: If your pet goes home with a bandage, then it must be changed as necessary to keep it clean, dry, undamaged and to prevent it from slipping. 

  • Sutures: Dr. Lynch uses absorbable sutures that do not need removal in most cases – He will let you know if there are sutures that require removal during your immediate post-operative phone call.  

  • X-rays: Most patients will need follow up X-rays at some point, usually at eight weeks. Dr. Lynch will make this known to you during your post-surgery phone call.  

  • If you are unsure, or have any questions, then please contact your hospital to review your discharge instructions. 


Surgery Specific Follow-Up with Dr. Lynch: Please upload progress updates, incision photos (until healed) and videos of your pet walking every two weeks. See the “Contact Us” page. This will instruct you how to upload progress updates or questions (via the website), photos (via the website) and videos (via email). It is important that your communications follow this format, as communications outside of this specific format may not be received. 

  • Dr. Lynch tries to respond as soon as possible to all communications; however, there are times where it may take him a few days to respond to you. Please be patient. If you have urgent concerns, please contact your hospital.  


Final X-Ray (Radiographs) Visit: Please ensure that you notify your hospital to both send your pets X-rays to Dr. Lynch and schedule you a phone consultation time to review them. If you would like this final visit to be on a day that Dr. Lynch is at your hospital, then please coordinate with your hospital to schedule this.  


Urgent Concerns: Immediately contact your hospital or a local emergency clinic if you have urgent concerns about your pet.  .

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