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Other Things To Know

Don’t be alarmed by any of the following:

1. The Hangover.

During your first night home, it is common for your pet to be vocal, wander aimlessly, stare or act unsettled. This is primarily related to the anesthetic, which will take time to wear off.

2. The Nerve Block.

After surgery, you may see your pet bear weight on the top side of their paw. The lack of sensation comes from the nerve block used during surgery. Generally, this wears off in 1-2 days.

3. The Bruising.

After surgery, it is normal to have some degree of bruising. It can be very minimal, but it can also be quite a lot.

4. The Swelling.

Although normal, post-operative swelling can be a bit delayed. It tends to appear days after surgery and can look a bit odd. It can be soft and “blubbery” and settle down towards your pet’s hock (ankle joint).

5. Bowel Movements.

It is common to not have a bowel movement for a few days after surgery. Feed canned pumpkin (1 TBSP per 10 lbs) in each meal, or Metamucil (1 TSP per 10lbs) once daily.

Image by Sincerely Media
6. Medications.

If your pet is not eating, do not force them to take any medication, and contact your veterinarian.

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